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South Bison Range

BisonIn addition to the Elk & Bison Prairie (EBP), visitors can view bison which roam in two adjacent 100-acre pastures. A horse and hiking trail borders the South Bison Range, allowing visitors the chance to see bison that have moved from view of the main road.

This herd was the first bison herd established in LBL. In 1969, 19 bison (17 bulls and 12 cows) were brought in from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. In order to diversify the bloodlines and prevent inbreeding, four additional bulls were introduced in 1988. BisonWhen the EBP was established in 1996, to bring a fresh, pure bloodline into the herd, four more bulls were introduced to the herd.

The bison enjoy a little different scenery at the South Bison Range than what is found at the EBP. You may notice that they live in typical cool-season pastures, dominated by orchard grass, timothy, and fescue, as opposed to the warm-season native habitats in the EBP. Still, they thrive quite well there. Hay is provided in the winter to supplement their natural forage.

BisonPlease note that visitors may only view these bison from the road or the surrounding trail. Visitors may not enter the enclosure. Visitors may view bison at this location at no charge. Bison are only occasionally found near the roadway, however, so you may need to bring binoculars to appreciate them from a distance.

Danger: Stay away from the fence if the bison are nearby; they may charge. Cows are very aggressive when their young calves are present. Bulls can be aggressive at any time, especially during the late summer breeding season. Bison CAN jump over the fence, or roll over on impact if they are threatened or aggressive. Do not antagonize or feed them!

To Visit:

South Bison Range is located alongside The Trace near The Homeplace at the southern end of LBL, just south of the Tennessee state line.

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