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Useful Resources for Teaching About the Environment

Forests to Faucets Project ~ The U.S. Forest Service recently unveiled a series of maps that illustrate land areas most important to surface drinking water in the U.S. and the threats facing those watersheds.  The maps are based on data from the Forests to Faucets project, which used Geographic Information Systems modeling to detail the watersheds, the role forests play in protecting these areas, and the extent to which these forests are threatened by development, fire, insects and disease.

Conservation Education in the Forest Service
Educators will find a "For Teachers" link that connects to grade-appropriate activities that are components of programs such as "Ecosystem Matters," "Investigating Your Environment," and "Urban Forestry Laboratory Exercises." Additional resources are also provided through external links.

Natural Inquirer
The Natural Inquirer is a science education resource journal to be used with learners Grade 5 and up. The journal contains articles describing natural resource research conducted by Forest Service scientists; the articles are easy to understand and include hands-on activities that focus on inquiry and investigation. Information on this website is provided on how to obtain free issues of this excellent publication. Click HERE for information on climate change science for middle school students.

Project WILD
Project WILD, an interdisciplinary wildlife conservation education program, is one of the most widely used environmental education programs by K-12 educators. This website contains information about teacher workshops, Project WILD materials, and educator resources.

Project WET
Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) provides materials for educators teaching students ages 5-18 and beyond. All materials are designed to facilitate learning about the world of water and complement existing curricula and curriculum standards. Additional information about teacher workshops, Project WET materials, and other conservation education resources is included on the website.

Project Learning Tree (PLT)
Project Learning Tree is a broad-based environmental education program for educators and students in PreK-grade 12. PLT materials cover topics ranging from forests, wildlife, and water to community planning, waste management, and energy. On this website, educators will find information about the program, its materials, and special initiatives that extend the PLT program.

More Public Lands to Explore Near LBL

Fort Donelson National Battlefield: The park is located south of LBL on the bank of the Cumberland River near the town of Dover, Tennessee. The site commemorates the 1862 Battle of Fort Donelson where the Union army gained its first major victory of the Civil War and opened a path into the heart of the Confederacy. An online teacher's guide is provided to help you plan and schedule your field trip.

Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge: Located south of LBL and east of Dover, Tennessee, Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge provides habitat for migratory birds, especially waterfowl, and many endangered and threatened species including bald eagles, gray bats, and peregrine falcons. The refuge has a visitor center, hiking trail, and 12 miles of public roads (open March 15-Oct. 31). Call 931-232-7477 for more information about scheduling a field trip or other educational programs.

Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site
Located in Ballard County (northwest of LBL), the center protects and interprets a 900-year old, moderately-sized Mississippian village. Information can be found on the center's website about guided tours, teacher's guides, and activities for the classroom.

Planning of Wetlands (POW) and Wonders of Wetlands (WOW)
Bring wetlands into the classroom with WOW or build a schoolyard wetland with POW. On this website, educators will find information about these programs and other materials related to wetland habitats.

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