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Trash CanRecycle binLand Between The Lakes (LBL) is carrying out the USDA Forest Service mission of "Caring for the Land and Serving People" through a multifaceted environmental program called Respect the Resource. Our goal is to help you understand how our actions affect the land, air, and water. Respect the Resource programs identify and explain resource management projects that require your help. Some examples are respecting the boundaries of restoration areas (such as eroded hillsides), or protecting wildlife by recycling monofilament fishing line. We encourage you to remove trash, recycle fishing line and other waste, and camp in designated areas. Watch for Respect the Resource messages throughout LBL - they will help you understand and comply with certain projects or regulations.

NEW FOR 2011 ~ Expanding recycling at LBL Campgrounds! At Hillman Ferry, Piney, & Wranglers Campgrounds and Turkey Bay OHV Area look for the large blue dumpsters (at Energy Campground use the brown recycling bins) to recycle empty, rinsed out aluminum cans, #1 & #2 plastic containers, steel cans (soup & vegetable cans). All three of these materials can be mixed together. Help us make the recycling program a success by placing only the designated materials in the blue recycle bins. Place any trash in the green garbage dumpsters at each campground. All the recycled materials are taken to the Regional Recycling Corporation (RRC) in Fredonia, KY. The RRC is a six county partnership formed to divert material from local landfills.


Respect the ResourceMan pulverizing glassLook for this symbol as you visit our website, and again when you visit LBL. You will find information and facilities that help you enjoy a safe and fun visit, while helping protect your public lands.


Click HERE for a Respect the Resource video! (Courtesy RoundAbout U.)








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